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Older Car Warranty

The older auto coverage plan covers only specific components listed in the agreement. This is a name component policy and protects the vehicle's major components and systems. With the older auto extended service contract coverage plan, all labor and parts are covered for any failure or breakdown of your vehicle's major mechanical items and electrical systems. Our older car coverage plan provides you with comprehensive coverage for the most costly vehicle repairs. Some plans also offer wear & tear coverage as an option.

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Older Car Warranty

What's Covered?

The list of components covered by the older auto coverage plan includes the following:

All internally lubricated parts including:: pistons, piston rings, piston pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and rod bearings, camshaft and camshaft bearings, timing chain and timing gears, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, oil pump, push rods, rocker arms, hydraulic lifters, rocker arm shafts and water pump. All lubricated internal parts of the vehicle manufacturer installed turbo-charger or supercharger. Housing.

All internally lubricated parts, including oil pump, drums, planetary, sun gear and shell, shafts, bearings, side gears, carrier, pinion gear, ring gear, shift rails, forks, synchronizers, and Torque Converter. Transmission/Transaxle Case.

Drive Axle
Differential housing, transaxle housing & final drive housing. All lubricated internal parts contained within the housings. Axle shafts, constant velocity joints (CV), universal joints, drive shafts, locking hubs, locking rings, supports, retainer & bearings.

Alternator, voltage regulator, power window motor(s), heater fan/motor, starter motor. Seals and gaskets are only covered when required in connection with the replacement of a covered part.

Air Conditioning
All internally lubricated parts contained within the compressor, condenser, evaporator, orifice tube.

Fuel Delivery System
Fuel delivery (mechanical) pump, fuel (Gas and Diesel) injection pump, metal fuel delivery lines.

Seals & Gaskets
Seals and Gaskets are replaced only as part of repair or replacement of the above covered components.

Included Benefits & Features

In addition to mechanical coverage included with each plan, some extended service contracts include the following features and benefits.

Free Roadside Assistance

Most plans include free roadside assistance during the full coverage term. If you have a break down anywhere in the United States or Canada, one phone call will provide you with assistance for fuel, flat tires, jump starts, towing and more!

Hotel & Restaurant Bills

You will be reimbursed up to $50.00 per day for up to 3 days, for meals and lodging on some plans. Valid when stranded overnight because of a covered mechanical breakdown more than 100 miles away from your home.

Nationwide Protection

Regardless of where you may be, we've got you covered! Whether traveling or moving, our extended service contract is honored in both the United States and Canada.

Rental Car Benefits

Most plans include up to $35.00 per day for rental car reimbursement or for alternate transportation valid for up to three days, per covered occurrence.

Transferable Contracts

If you sell your vehicle, your plan is transferable to the new owner, which enhances the resale value and is an excellent incentive to a potential buyer.

What's Not Covered?

The list of excluded components not covered by the older car warranty plan includes, but is not limited to the following:

Aftermarket Equipment

Batteries, Body and Trim Items

Body Damage & Noises

Scheduled Adjustments & Maintenance

Miscellaneous Items & Circumstances

Why Purchase An Older Car Warranty From Auto Protection?

In addition to excellent coverage, all of our plans offer flexible payment methods (such as: check, credit card or bank draft) combined with low monthly payment terms. With as little as 10% down, you can start enjoying all the benefits that come with our extended service contracts, including a hassle free claims process, free roadside assistance, rental car benefits and towing. Find out for yourself why thousands of customers have trusted to do business with us and request a free quote on an older car warranty plan. Protect your auto today!

Sample coverage only. Coverage may vary. For exact coverage details, please refer to the specific service contract for your vehicle.

Our Promise

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

At Auto Protection, we believe both in our products and in the wisdom of purchasing a vehicle service contract. This is why every plan we sell comes with a full 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Our return policy is simple. We consider your first 30 days a "review period." Take the time to read through your policy and discuss it with your spouse, family members, or trusted mechanic. We're confident that you will be happy and satisfied with your coverage. But if you decide, for any reason that this isn't for you, simply call and cancel for a full money back guarantee!

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top questions

Is my car guaranteed to be covered?
A representative will review your information and will contact you as soon as possible provided you have already submitted a free quote request. We provide services for both new and used vehicles, so there is a good chance your vehicle will qualify for coverage.
Do used vehicles qualify for coverage?
Yes, we accept used vehicles as well as new. Please request a quote and one of our representatives will further assist you.
Is my service contract transferable?
Most of our contracts are transferable if you sell your vehicle to another person. A representatives will discuss the specific terms of your contract.
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